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All dance instruction is done by Nancy Blake. Nancy has been dancing since 1987 and teaching since 1989.

Nancy has been trained by some of the top instructors in ballroom, country and swing. Nancy travels North America attending dance conventions with the sole
purpose of learning in the newest techniques in different dance styles and having the opportunity to dance with and learn from some of the top dancers in the genre.

Private and Semi-private Lessons

Private and semi-private lessons are an hour in length. During that hour you can concentrate on what ever you choose, learning a new dance, a new pattern, technique, etc.

Single dancer - It is not necessary to bring a partner to your lessons if you are a single dancer. Nancy will dance as your partner while she instructs.

Couples - Equal time is given to teaching the leader and follower the skills they need to dance together or with others. If you are preparing for a wedding it is important to bring with you the music you will be dancing to.

Semi-private (maximum of 3 couples) - Leaders and followers will be taught the skills they need to dance with each other. 

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Group Classes

Group lessons range from the beginner level to intermediate/advanced. Classes focus on one dance at a time to facilitate learning. Classes are generally 1 hour in length and focus on technique, patterns and fun. 

The Calendar is pre-set and posted online.


The focus of a workshop is exposure to new and different dance styles, ideas and techniques that may not be covered in regular group classes. They offer the opportunity
for all levels or dancers to gain exposure to something new.

Watch the calendar for dance and locations as they become available.